TARAS WOLF, Melbourne Architect      

The design team is led by renowned Melbourne Architect Taras Wolf. Having wanted to be an Architect since the young age of 8, he was regarded as a child prodigy in drawing and design and inevitably graduated with 1st class honors from the University of Melbourne. Further to his formal studies he had careers related to painting and sculpture, photography, interior design, graphic design, dance and property development to make him a highly capable and well-rounded designer. It is his broad background in all things artistic that gives Wolf Architects its greatest edge.

The Design Team

All Wolf team members come from recognized schools of design and normally rank amongst the top of their class. Everyone at Wolf Architects has a broad and unique background which further adds to the firm’s depth of knowledge, experience and skill. There is also an in-house Wolf training programs to ensure that knowledge and skill levels continually meet the Wolf Standard.


Wolf Architects contemporary architectural designs respect their context while making meaningful statements. A Wolf designed building is sustainable, modern, beautiful and finely crafted from durable materials with low maintenance attributes in mind. We design things to last for generations and be highly valued by clients and the broader community.

As architects our role is to understand our client’s dreams and realize their vision. By adhering to the practices philosophy of – combining great design crafted with genuine quality service, while always seeking innovation and continually developing our ability to communicate effectively we are able to produce award-winning homes with character, personality and a style that is well recognized as Wolf.

At Wolf Architects the landscape, architecture and interiors must be considered as one. Artwork, decoration, furnishings, and views of the landscape are all important to us. As architects, interior designers, and landscape architects, we create design solutions that holistically surpass all client expectations. This three in one service, which is not commonplace amongst most architectural practices, helps the practice to compete and stand firm at an International level

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An award-winning international practice covering architecture, planning and industrial design in all major sectors, we breath life into buildings through beautiful form and function.


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.

Qualifications and continued education

Only registered architects can use the title architect and architectural. We are insured with Architeam and registered with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria. Taras Wolf is an A+ member of the Australian institute of Architects, and also a regular lecturer and teacher of Architecture at the University of Melbourne. The team at Wolf Architects have all had a formal design education at a top University and must commit themselves to ongoing in-house training programs that are designed to keep their design instincts and senses sharp. They are trained to be highly skilled and with respects to design, have what is known in our practice as the “Eye of the Wolf”.

Speed & responsiveness

We understand that you require this project to be completed in the shortest time possible. Having much experience with projects and clients in Asia, we have learnt  to keep up with faster paced societies and have been able to apply that knowledge locally.  A supporting team of highly skilled Wolf designers will be carefully selected to support our principal architects to ensure that your project remains on the fast track. We believe that the only delays should be from other consultants, authorities or even for the client to make decisions.

Genuine Care and Excellence in Service

One’s home is sacred and it is a privilege for us to be a part of yours. We remind ourselves with every project that we don’t live in the houses we design-You do. And while we always try to make each home wonderful enough that we would want to live in them ourselves, we respect that you have the final say. We will take the time to fully understand your life and living requirements. We expect to spend a lot of time with you exploring ideas and listening to your needs. We also understand that with a busy schedule we have to work in with your availability. We will be able to meet with you at your home or other places of convenience. We also expect to be available to you after hours and on weekends in order to ensure that the design moves quickly.

Getting the Best results-Design to the smallest detail from the start and beyond completion

We design furniture and even fittings such as lights and water taps. There is no challenge too great for our creative minds. Wolf Architects also offer landscape and interior design as an integrated part of our service. A three in one service which is not commonplace amongst most architectural practices. We are also driven by results. We do not record the length of every phone conversation or charge for every piece of paper. We look at the bigger picture which is all about your dream home. We do not limit you and the projects potential by only showing one or two options. We show our clients as many as it takes to get the right results.

Experience and a background in all things artistic

Taras graduated with 1st class honours from the University of Melbourne. After his studies he had careers related to painting and sculpture, interior design, graphic design, property development and for 15 years he was one of Australia’s top professional ballroom dancers. He lectured, coached, competed internationally and ran his own Dance studio. It is his broad background in all things artistic that gives Wolf Architects its greatest edge.

He has won awards, worked throughout Asia, and is renowned for luxury homes. His work has been featured in Design magazines internationally as well as winning record prices in the streets of Melbourne.  For almost a decade Taras has also taught architecture and design theory subjects at the University of Melbourne. More importantly though, is his clear communication with clients to help create their dream home.